Social Status of Women

Investigation of College Female Teachers' Subjective Well-being and Strategies of Its Improvement——Taking the College Female Teachers in Jilin Province as Example

Jiang ShuMei, Li Zhe, Zhang ChunMei
College of education science, Jilin Normal University
Journal of Jilin Normal University(Humanities & Social Science Edition) 2016-2

Abstract:Based on the college female teachers in Jilin Province as the research object and by adopting the method of questionnaire and interview, this paper explores their subjective well-being and the influencing factor, and investigates the influencing factors from the perspective of demography. The study found that viewing from regions, the subjective well-being of female teachers in Changchun area is lower than that of in other areas; viewing from the type of colleges, the subjective well-being of female teachers in 985 and 211 colleges is lower than that of in other types of colleges; viewing from the professional titles, women teachers with high professional titles has less subjective well-being than that of teachers with low or without titles; viewing from the educational background, the subjective well-being of highly educated female teacher is lower than that of other educated female teachers; viewing from the post, the college female teachers’ subjective well-being in the middle(deputy director, vice section)is the lowest. Based on the above conclusions, suggestions can be offered to reduce the pressure of college female teachers to improve their subjective well-being from the economic, working and academic aspects.
Keywords:college female teachers, subjective well being, investigation

Paper type:Published