Social Status of Women

Performance and Countermeasures of Chinese Women's Political Participation from 1993 to 2013

Li Dan, Ao Xinglin
Xiamen University
Journal of Shandong Women's University 2016-6

Abstract:Since early 1990 s, the CPC and Chinese government have attached great importance to gender equality, and formulated a series of laws, regulations and policies to encourage and support women's political participation. Within the special historical period when the socialist system of market economy established itself, the status of women was challenged by those new rules. The positive changes brought by the 4th World Conference on Women had been eclipsed to a certain extent, thus Chinese woman's political participation did not achieve the progress as expected, but still maintaining a 20- year stable development. This paper tries to analyze the gains and falls of Chinese woman's political participation, points out the necessity of speeding it up from micro, meso and macro levels, and it concludes that it is high time to do so.
Keywords:women's political participation, performance analysis, gender consciousness, from 1993 to 2013

Paper type:Published