Social Status of Women

Exploring the Reserve and Income on the Female Cultural Capital by the Angle of Thinking

Dang Hongmei
Party School of the CPC, Xuwen County, Guangdong Province, 524100

Abstract:The cultural capital is looking the culture upon as a commodity, It is realizing the money of the stock and flow by containing、storage or providing some empirical and text knowledge. Female's cultural capital has established the relationship of two positive correlations with the money through the medium of thinking. Female's cultural capital is more reserved and the better performance of thinking in the stage of knowledge inputting if more money is invested. But the value of labor commodity and the earnings more than monetization of cultural capital if the thinking functions better in reserve phase. The education system go against female extending under the situation of mathematical logic in the current, Appeared the female's universality monetary income less than male when the same of the cultural capital reserves, and the growing concern and phenomenon of called "boy crisis" cannot be attributed to the male preferred of the education mechanism on the root. They are disregarding deliberately the female and their organization of fruitful efforts for years, and they regardless of the brain effectiveness on the historical trend of information age. The facts show that the female are limited of the cultural capital converted into currency. The female will focus on excavating internal potential and increasing the efficiency of the thinking in the future.
Keywords:the female; cultural capital; way of thinking; monetization

Paper type:Others