Social Status of Women

Employment Psychological Problems of Poor Female College Students

Ji YongHua, Du YongMei
Marx School of Changchun Normal University;Basic Department of Changchun Vocational Institute of Tehnology
Journal of Changchun Normal University 2016-7

Abstract:Solving the employment psychological problems of poor female college students conforms to the instructions and guidelines for"removing poverty precisely"put forward by the general secretary Xi Jinping. Based on the related research on the employment psychological problems of the Impoverished Female College Graduates, this paper shows the external differences of the employment of poor female college students and non impoverished female students, and makes analysis of the specific outcome and causes of poverty female college students employment psychological problems, In doing so, the writer aims to provide practical solutions to the problem these women are facing.
Keywords:Poor female college students, employment, psychology

Paper type:Published