Social Status of Women

The Theory and Practice of Chinese Women's Participation in Global Environmental Governance in the Context of Conservation Culture

Zhou Yuan
Beijing Foreign Language Studies University
Journal of China Women’s University 2016-5

Abstract:From 1970s to 2015 when the Paris Climate Agreement came out, the appeal for global governance in terms of environmental problems has become even more important, especially with the participation of Chinese women. With the implementation of a conservation culture in China, female participation is not only a pragmatic demand for effectiveness, but also an institutional necessity for reshaping such governance. Although Chinese women are already involved at different levels both in horizontal and vertical interaction, participation on a global level is still not enough.Improving such participation, building a conservation culture and realizing sustainable development in China is of major importance. Only with the full involvement of women can a fairer system of global governance be achieved.
Keywords:Chinese women, conservation culture, global environmental governance, women’s participation

Paper type:Published