Social Status of Women

Comparison of Professional Awareness between College Students Studying Preschool Education Programs Recruited from Technical Secondary Schools and High Schools
Uploaded Time: 2015-04-28
Category: Social Status of Women
According to the comparative survey and analysis of professional awareness of 2012-Grade and 2013-grade students at a normal university, all of whom majored in preschool education, and were recruited ...Version: Chinese
The Roles in Women's Welfare Played by the Government, the Market and Families
Uploaded Time: 2015-03-21
Category: Social Status of Women
This thesis tries to analyze the roles in women's welfare played by the government, the market and families with social policy and social welfare as the starting points from an impartial perspective, ...Version: Chinese
Research into Layered Moral Education Patterns of Sophomores in Women's Colleges
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-17
Category: Social Status of Women
omen's college students in different grades have different dominating needs. After struggles to adapt in grade one, in second grade they become more adaptable in daily life and relationships, they att...Version: Chinese
Issues in Females Education Studies and Its Value
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-11
Category: Social Status of Women
The historic task of researching and solving the problems of education of females has been put to us. Gender differences, gender equality and personal development, are principles of women's education ...Version: Chinese
Research into the Development of Women‘s Social Organizations in Jiangsu Province
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-26
Category: Social Status of Women
With the deepening of social transformation and reform, the government is putting greater emphasis on public service. As a result, the social organization of women is appearing more frequently on the ...Version: Chinese
Substitution or Income Effect?: The Impact of Family Care for Elderly Parents on the Female Employment in China
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-20
Category: Social Status of Women
As the population is aging in China,the conflict of women between family elder care and labour force participation is increasingly prominent. Based on the data of CHNS 2009, this paper estimates the i...Version: Chinese
Exploration on Employment of Female Graduates under Selective Two-child Policy
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-22
Category: Social Status of Women
The realization of employment equity for female graduates is one important symbol of social civilization. And it's also one difficult problem that must be solved in building the harmonious society. It...Version: Chinese
On the Path of Intellectual Women in the Colleges and Universities in Safeguarding Their Legal Rights——And on the Function of Labor Union in Safeguarding the Legal Rights
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-17
Category: Social Status of Women
Women's status in society is a measure of the degree of social civilization. Modern women are more and more stand on their own, but there are still many infringements of women's rights, even in the co...Version: Chinese
Separation and Return: System Construction of Women's Right of Inheritance
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-12
Category: Social Status of Women
The system of women's right of inheritance has been constructed as the concept of gender discrimination substituted with gender equality in the society gradually. Women had the right of inheritance du...Version: Chinese and English versions
Effects of Female Executives' Features on Corporate Social Responsibility Performance
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-06
Category: Social Status of Women
Basing on the sample of the 1469 Shanghai and Shenzhen two city A shares public companies which have published social responsibility. According to the research, companies having female executives show...Version: Chinese
Research on Gender Differences in English Language Based on Social Linguistics
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-03
Category: Social Status of Women
The inevitable relationship between language and gender, males and females exhibit differences in language features. Based on social linguistics perspective, this article explores the root causes of g...Version: Chinese
Women's Situation in Field Study from Gender Perspective
Uploaded Time: 2011-07-28
Category: Social Status of Women
When a researcher begins his or her work, sources of information often try to allocate him or her an appropriate position. In the meantime, the researcher strives to negotiate relationships in an effo...Version: Chinese
Female Director and Enterprise Society Responsibility Performance Relation's Demonstrative Research——Experience Based on China Local Enterprise Society Responsibility top 50
Uploaded Time: 2011-07-20
Category: Social Status of Women
This study assesses whether or not gender of director has a tangible effect on an enterprise's decisions. A sample from Fortune 50 local companies in china during 2011-2013 year is examined to determi...Version: Chinese
Gender Equality Index in Tourism Employment
Uploaded Time: 2011-07-20
Category: Social Status of Women
The equitable distribution of tourism economic resources and wealth of tourism development is an important condition for the sustainable development of tourism. Based on gender theory and the fact of ...Version: Chinese
Women Civil Servants Career Development Factors:Based on the Construction of Grounded Theory
Uploaded Time: 2011-07-20
Category: Social Status of Women
Women civil servants are important forces in realizing the government's functions. Exploring the factors influencing their career development are helpful for the cultivation of the women civil servant...Version: Chinese
Zhu De's View on Women during China's Revolutionary War
Uploaded Time: 2015-01-08
Category: Social Status of Women
Zhu De's view on women during China's revolutionary war, not only paid attention to the equality between men and women, which included that women should enjoy free marriage and equal opportunities in ...Version: Chinese
On Rules Applying to the Principle of Public Order and Good Custom——Thoughts Arising from a Case of a Gift Relating to an Extramarital Affair
Uploaded Time: 2011-07-05
Category: Social Status of Women
The generality of the specific content of the principle of public order and good customs means the judicial approach to these topics is often flexible and often plays the role of filling in gaps in th...Version: Chinese
Research into Several Key Problems of the Cost of Family Violence in Australia
Uploaded Time: 2014-12-17
Category: Social Status of Women
Family violence, as a global social problem in every country in the world, brings serious harm to victims and society. In Australia, one of the earliest countries to assess the cost of family violence...Version: Chinese
Social Capital, Gender and Employment: Analysis of Gender Differences in Employment of College Students
Uploaded Time: 2014-12-04
Category: Social Status of Women
By examining the gender difference in job hunting of college graduates,this paper focus on the influence of social capital between male and female graduates. Results show that female graduates' socia...Version: Chinese
The Female Elegy of Feudal Etiquette System -- The Female Tragic Fate Root in Lu Xun's Novel
Uploaded Time: 2014-12-03
Category: Social Status of Women
This paper reviewed the tragic fate of Xianglin Sao, Shansi Saozi, Ai Gu and Zijun in the depiction of Lu Xun’s novel, then interpreted and analyzed their tragedy destiny root to expose the cruel per...Version: Chinese