Social Status of Women

"Daughter"—"Sister-in-law"—"Mother-in-law"——On the Influence and Reform of Traditional Gender Culture on Women's Status from the Folk Appellation

Xie Yu'e
Henan University
Journal of Shandong Women's University 2013-1

Abstract:Folk appellations dedicated to women are named by the traditional gender culture, which concentratedly show the women's family status, and implicate their gender identities in different stages of life in history. "Daughter", "someone else" in patrilineal family, and "kinswoman" in parents' home;"daughter-in-law", the husband's wife, an external family;"mother-in-law", a woman who has "daughter-in-law", and the "spokeswoman" of husband's family. The customary gender appellation is produced in traditional agricultural era, and rooted in closed paternal family society. It is based on the male-centered patriarchal family system and the traditional gender culture built on the status of women, which eliminated women's independent personality identity, making it difficult for them to get rid of established gender fate.
Keywords:traditional gender culture, appellation, women's status

Paper type:Published