Li Xiaojiang
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Li Xiaojiang
Li Xiaojiang is the founder and pioneer of women's studies in China. Her many academic initiatives include:
Henan Women's Study Center 1985 -- first women's research NGO since 1949
First national-wide non-government women's conference, 1985
Earliest course on women's gender awareness, 1985
Earliest college discipline on women's issues, 1985
Earliest discipline framework on China's women, 1986
First large-scale publication of academic books on women — Women's Studies, 1987-1992
First women's research center in a higher education institute — Women Research Center of Zhengzhou University
First women's academic conference on China's mainland, 1990
Posts and Professional Affiliations
Professor and director of the Gender Research Center of Dalian University
Primary Areas of Academic Interest
Women and gender studies
Published Works
·Gap between Sexes, SDX Joint Publishing Company, 1989
·Study on Women's Aesthetic Awareness, Henan People's Publishing House, 1989
·Women's Journey — Documentary of Women's Development in the New Era, Henan People's Publishing House, 1995
·Interpretation of Women, Jiangsu People's Publishing House, 1999
·Women's Studies, Henan People's Publishing House, 1992, chief editor
·Women's Study and Movement — Case Study of China, Oxford University Press 1997
·Women or Feminism? — Culture Conflicts and Identity Recognition, Jiangsu People's Publishing House, 2000, chief editor
Research Projects
1. China Women's Oral History, Ford Foundation, 2000-2003
2. Women/Gender Studies and the Higher Education, Ford Foundation, 2001-2003