Bu Wei
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Bu Wei

Posts and Professional Affiliations

Researcher and professor at the News Broadcasting and Communication Research Institute of the China Academy of Social Sciences

Member of Board of Directors of the China Women’s Research Centre

Member of the 2001-2010 Experts Assessment Team of the National Working Committee on Children and Women under the State Council

Special researcher at the Gender and Law Research Center of China Academy of Social Sciences

Consultant,  Save the Children China Office

Media Consultant,  United Nations Children's Fund


Primary Areas of Academic Interest

Feminism and media; women’s NGOs and media; gender equality in children’s education; media intervention


Published Works

·Media and Gender: Essay Collection, Jiangsu People’s Publishing House, 2001

·The New Communication Technology and Women in Gender Perspectives, Collection of Women’s Studies, Issue 2, 2002

·Study on Girls’ Images in China’s Newspapers, 2003

·A Gender Analysis of Communications-related Laws and Regulations, co-author, 2005

·Bridging The Gaps ---- Research, Policy, and Practice: A Survey Report on Developing Women’s/Gender Studies Programs by the Ford Foundation (China), 2005

·Analysis of the Propaganda Strategy of Combating the Kidnapping and Selling of Women in Sichuan Province, co-author with Qiu Linchuan, a UNICEF report

·Chinese Women and the Mass Media: Status Quo, Interventions, and Challenges, Holding Up Half the Sky: Chinese Women Past, Present, and Future, The Feminist Press, 2004

·Women and the Internet in China, Promises of Empowerment: Women in Asia and Latin America, Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group, 2004

·Strategic Outline:Action for the Development of Gender Studies in China, 2004