Han Henan
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Han Henan

Posts and Professional Affiliations
Professor and director of Department of Women's Studies at China Women's University
Guest professor, Humanities Department of Shanghai University
Guest professor at Dongbei Normal University
Board Member of the Chinese Women's Research Society

Primary Areas of Academic Interest
Women's studies, Marxism and women's theory

Published Works
•Marxism and Women's Studies, China Women's Publishing House, 2002
•Double Construction of Equality and Difference — Research on Women's Liberation during the May 4th Movement, Jilin University Publishing House, 2005
• Introduction to Women's Studies, chief editor, Education and Science Publishing House, 2005,

Research Programs
1. The establishment of the Department of Women's Studies in China Women's University
2. Postgraduate courses on women's studies started jointly by China Women's University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Michigan