Zhang Lixi
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Zhang Lixi

Bachelor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Peking University, 1982
Master, Psychology Research Center, China Academy of Social Sciences, 1989
Ph.D in Sociology, Department of Applied Sociology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2001

Posts and Professional Affiliations
Former President of China Women's University
Vice president of China Association of Social Work Education
Secretary General of China Women's Research Center
Senior consultant, UNDP Gender Program
Member of the editorial board of Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work (Singapore)
Member of the editorial board of Violence against Women (US)
Member of the board of directors of Internet against Family Violence towards Women
Member of Beijing Research Institute of Marriage and Family

Published Works
Marriage and Family, Study on Chinese Women: Social, Economic and Political Changes and Women's Life, Ewha Womans University Publishing House, 2004
Social Services Highlighting Gender Perspective, Gender and Social Work: Theory and Practices, Hong Kong Chinese University Press, 2006
Conflicts in Marriage and Rights of Men and Women, Social Sciences Press (China), 2006
• Gender and Women's Development Input into the System of Education Development, Collection of Women's Studies, Issue 3, 2006
Introduction to Women's Studies, co-author, Educational Science Publishing House, 2005
Research on Family Violence in China, co-author, Social Sciences Press (China), 2004
Women's Sociology, editor, Higher Education Press, 2004
Conflicts in Marriage and the Relationship between Sexes: Study on Social Work in China, Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2004
• Discussion on Civil Servants of either Gender Retiring at the Same Age, Collection of Women's Studies, Issue 6, 2003
• Improved Gender Awareness in Women's Colleges, co-author, Study on China Women's Higher Education, Higher Education Press, 2002

International Research Programs
1.Global Feminism — Oral History, director;
2. Internet Program against Family Violence, China Law Society, director
3. Diploma Courses on Women's Studies, Hong Kong Chinese University, University of Michigan, China Women's College, director