Susanne Yuk Ping CHOI
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Susanne Yuk Ping CHOI
D.Phil. University of Oxford

Posts and Professional Affiliations
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Director, Gender Research Centre, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
Pearl River Delta Social Research Centre, Department of Sociology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Associate Director, Centre for Chinese Family Studies, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies

Research Areas
1. Gender
2. Family
3. Sociology of Health
4. Migration & ethnicity
5. Transitional justice

Representative Publications
• Forthcoming Not Just Mum and Dad: The Role of Children in Exacerbating Gender Inequalities in Childcare. Journal of Family Issues. (Co-authored with LuiChing  Wu)
• Forthcoming Technologies of Power and Resistance: Mobile Phone Use Among Factory Migrant Workers in South China. The China Quarterly. (co-authored with PengYinni)
• 2012 Women and Girls in Hong Kong: Current Situations and Future Challenges. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies (Co-edited with Fanny M.C. Cheung).
• 2012 "Lustraton Systems and Trust: Evidence from Survey Experiments in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland." American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 117 No. 4 pp. 1172-101 (co-authored with Roman David)
• 2012 Social Isolation and Spoual Violence: Comparing Marriage Migrants with Local Women. Journal of Marriage and Family. 74:444-461. (co-authored with YuetWah Cheung and Adam K.L. Cheung)
• 2011 "State control, female prostitution and HIV prevention in China. " The China Quarterly, 205:96-114.
• 2010 "Heterogeneous and Vulnerable: The Health Risks Facing Transnational Female Sex Workers." Sociology of Health and Illness, 33:1-17.
• 2009 "Getting Even or Getting Equal? Retributive Desires and Transitional Justice". Political Psychology. vol. 30 no.2, pp.161-192. International Society of Political Psychology. (co-authored with Roman David)
• 2009 A Gender Perspective on Families in Hong Kong. In Fanny M Cheung & Eleanor Holroyd (edited) Mainstreaming Gender in Hong Kong Society. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press. Pp. 159-180. (co-authored with K. F. Ting)
• 2008 Wife Abuse in South Africa: An imbalance theory of family resources and power. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 23:834-852. (co-authored with K. F. Ting)
• 2008 Obstacles to Colon Cancer Screening in Chinese: A Study Based on Health Belief Model. American Journal of Gastroenterology, 103:974-981. (co-authored with Sung, J.J.Y., Chan, F.K.L., Ching, J.Y.L., Lau, J.T.F., & Griffiths, S.)
• 2008 Client perpetuated violence and condom failure among female sex workers in south western China. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 35(2):141-146. (The official Journal of the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association) (co-authored with Chen, K.L. & Jiang, Z.Q.)
• 2007 The influence of power, poverty and agency in the negotiation of condom use for female sex workers in Mainland China. Culture, Health & Sexuality, 9(5):489-503. (co-authored with Holroyd, Eleanor.)
• 2007 Law Enforcement, Public Health, and HIV/AIDS in China. In Paul G. Harris & Patricia D. Siplon (eds.) The global politics of AIDS. Lynne Rienner. Pp. 137-154. (co-authored with David, R.)
• 2007 Ethnicity and risk factors in needle sharing among intravenous drug users in Sichuan Province, China. AIDS Care, 19(1):1-8. (co-authored with Y. W Cheung & Jiang, Z.Q.)
• 2006 Forgiveness and Transitional Justice in the Czech Republic. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 50(3), 339-367. (co-authored with Roman David)
• 2006 "Gender and HIV Risk Behaviour Among Intravenous Drug Users in Sichuan Province, China." Social Science & Medicine. 62: 1672-1684. (co-authored with Y.W. Cheung and K.L. Chen)
• 2006 "Association United, Association Divided." in Voluntary Associations in the Chinese Diaspora, edited by KhunEngKuah& Evelyn-Hu-Dehart. University of Hong Kong Press.
• 2005 Getting Ahead in the Capitalist Paradise: Migration from China and Socio-economic Attainment in Colonial Hong Kong'. International Migration Review, 39(1): 203-227. (co-authored with Stephen W.K. Chiu and K.F. Ting)
• 2005 Victims on Transitional Justice: Lessons from the reparation of human rights abuses in the Czech Republic'. Human Rights Quarterly 27(1): 392-435. (co-authored with Roman David)
• 2003 "Mechanisms of Racial Inequalities in Diarrhoea Prevalence in South Africa." Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 21(2): 264-272.