Zhu Pingyan
Uploaded Time: 2013-07-01

Ph.D. and Professor of Central China Normal University

Research Interests:
Women and Gender, Marriage and Family, Sexual Sociology, Women/Adolescents/Medical Social Work, AIDS Research, etc.

Academic Achievements:

Books: (Excerpts)
• Sociology of Gender, Central China Normal University Press, 2007.09
• Introduction to Women's Studies, Wuhan University Press, 2007, 12
• Study of Social Support System of Women’s Participation in Politics during the Social Transition, Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2012.12

Academic Papers:
• Intellectual Women's Achievement and Transcendence in a Market-Oriented Economy, Socialism Studies, 1997 (03). (This Article was Awarded the First Prize in the 1997 Research Articles Awards of the Wuhan Women's Federation)
• The Development and Prospects of Women's Studies in Colleges and Universities, Journal of Henan Institute of Education (Philosophy and Social Sciences), 1997 (04)
• Women's Studies in Universities and Quality Education of Female University Students, Journal of Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electrical Engineering (Bimonthly Social Sciences), 1999 (06)
• New Characteristics of Role Conflict of Intellectual Women during the Social Transition, Henan Social Sciences, 1999 (06)
• Growth and Anxiety: Psychological Confusion and Solutions for Female University Students at the Turn of the Century, Journal of Henan Institute of Education, 2001 (01)
• Special Functions of Women's Studies in the Quality Education of Female University Students in China, Theoretical Discussion on the Disciplinary Construction of Women's Studies, Sun Xiaomei, China Women Publishing House, 2001. 02
• Basic Principles of Construction of Courses of Introduction to Women's Studies, Journal of Dalian University, 2001 (05)
• Gender Perspective Needs in the Construction of Chinese Women's Studies, Collection of Women's Studies, 2001 (06)
• Women's Studies and Movements in Korea, Journal of Central China Normal University (Humanities and Social Sciences) 2003 (02)
• Two Leaps in the Development of China Women's Studies and Their Enlightenment, Collection of Women's Studies, 2003 (03)
• Focus on Rural Elderly Women's Emotional Lives, Society, 2003 (11)
• Reasons for the Restriction on Korean Women's Participation in Politics, Journal of Central China Normal University (Humanities and Social Sciences), 2003
• Korean Women's Participation in Politics from a Global Perspective, Journal of Zhengzhou Economic Management Institute, 2004 (03)
• Compromise and Treachery: Women's Dualistic Alternatives for Survival in Contemporary China, Journal of China Women's University, 2004 (04)
• Theory, Method and Development of Women's Studies in the West, Construction of Women's Studies and Research on Ethnic Minority Women's Issues, Yang Guocai, The Nationalities Publishing House of Yunnan, 2004.05
• Women's Development from a Gender Perspective, Hubei Social Sciences, 2004 (12)
• Women's Survival and Development from the Perspective of Preference for Boys in Birth Behavior, Journal of China Women's University, 2005 (04)  
• Rawls' A Theory of Justice and Gender Justice in Harmonious Society, Women's Education and Harmonious Society, China Women Publishing House, 2005.10
• Thinking on Gender and Temperament in Metrosexual Trends, Guangxi Social Sciences, 2005 (3)
• Review of Women and AIDS Research from a Gender Perspective, Journal of China Women's University, 2006 (03)
• On the Relationship of Fertility Rate, Bargaining Power and Female Labor Force Participation, Business Times, 2006 (13)
• A View from A Sociological Perspective of Women and AIDS – Discussion on Women’s AIDS Protective Strategy, Collections of National High-Level AIDS Prevention Forum, 2006.11
• Life Skills Training for Young Girls and New Ways of Preventing AIDS, 2007 Guangdong Sexology Report, Guangdong Publishing House, 2007
• Influences on Women's Attitudes and Participation in Politics in Terms of Their Educational Levels – Based on Analysis of the 2nd Phase of the Women's Social Status Survey, 2007-12-27 
• On Informal Social Support Systems for Women's Participation in Politics, Hubei Social Sciences, 2010 (2)
• Study on Poverty Issues concerning Divorced Women from the Perspective of Risk Sociology, Journal of China Women's University, 2010 (5)
• Symbolic Characteristics and Motivation of Women's Consumption against the Background of Consumer Society, Journal of Shandong Women's University, 2010 (5)
• Analysis of Strong Ties Support Systems for Women’s Participation in Politics from the Perspective of Social Capital Theory, Journal of Shanxi Normal University (Social Sciences), 2011 (4) 
• Analysis of Women’s Views on Choosing a Husband in "If You Are the One" – Based on Coleman's Rational Choice Theory, Journal of Shandong Women’s University, 2012 (1)

Consulting Reports: (Excerpts)
• Report on Basic Information for Young Girls and Existing Problems
• Report on Training Requirements for Young Girls' Life Skills
• Evaluation Report on Life Skills Training for Poor Young Girls in the Areas Affected by HIV/AIDS
• Evaluation Report on Effect of Peer Education for Young Girls

Projects: (Excerpts)
• The Development of Women and Gender Studies in China - Teaching Design and Experiment in Introduction to Women's Studies (Undergraduate Course), Funded by Ford Foundation, Grant Number. 1000-0694, 2001.1-2006.8
• The Development of Women and Gender Studies in China - Women's Gender Studies - Construction of Master Course of Gender Sociology, Funded by Ford Foundation, Grant Number: 1000-0694-1. 2001.1-2006.8
• Sub-Network Construction of Chinese Women/Gender Sociology Course Network Development, Funded by Ford Foundation, Grant Number: 1060-0852, 2006.8-2009.7
• Female Intellectuals Educational Status and Economic Status of Female Intellectuals, Additional Part of Survey on the Social Status of Chinese Female Intellectuals, Organized by the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, 1996
• Professional Development Status of Female Intellectuals in Hubei Regular Higher Education and Marriage and Family Status of Female Intellectuals in Hubei Regular Higher Education, Additional Part of Project: Development Status of Female Intellectuals in Hubei Regular Higher Education, Organized by Hubei Educational Trade Union, 2002.06-2002.12
• Project: Study on the Methods of Female Volunteers' Participation in the Construction of Harmonious Society, Organized by Wuhan Social Sciences Association, 2007.07-2008.03

Academic Conferences: (Excerpts)
• Second Session of Chinese Women and Development Seminar, 1997.07
• 2000 Asian Women’s Studies, Invited by Ewha Woman's University, (Seoul, ROK) 2000.10
• Webinar on the Construction of Chinese Women/Gender Courses, Invited by University of Michigan (USA) and Fudan University, 2005.7.28-30
• International Academic Seminar on Retrospective and Prospects of Gender Studies in Chinese Community during the Past 20 Years, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2005.11.17-19
• The Hong Kong First Session of Sex Cultural Festival 2006, Invited by the University of Hong Kong, 2006.02.26-03.04
• Women and Social Work in Asia, Invited by United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia and Fujian Hwanan Women's College, 2007.01
• The Seventh Biennial Meeting of the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS), Entitled "Contested Innocence – Sexual Agency in Public and Private Space", Hanoi, Viet Nam, 2009. 04.15-18