Wang Yu
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Wang Yu
Wang Yu, female, graduated from Chinese Department of Nanjing University, Doctoral Degree.

Posts and professional affiliations:
Professor, Chinese Department, Xiamen University;
Doctorate tutor, modern and contemporary literature;
Director of the Modern and Contemporary Literature Research Office;
Trustee of Chinese Association of Contemporary Literature;
Trustee of Chinese Women's Literature Research Society

Research interests:
Gender, modern and contemporary Chinese literature/culture

Research results:

Main works:
1. Gender Representation and Modern Identity, Shanghai Joint Publishing, March, 2006, sole author, (250,000 words).  (monograph)
2. A New Contemporary Literary History of China, People's Literature Publishing House, August, 2005, 15 key projects in Jiangsu Province. (participate in editing)
3. Chinese Women's Literature Course, Hebei Education Press, July, 2007, general higher education 11th Five-year plan materials. (participate in editing)

Main theses:
1. The Rise and Significance of the Trend of Native Female Narrative in the New Century, Nankai Journal (Philosophy, Literature and Social Science Edition), No. 2, 2013.
2. On the Multiple Layers of Cultural Metaphor of the Third Fairy Persona, Academic Monthly, No. 1, 2013.
3. The Narrative of Rural Modernity and the Modeling of Rural Women's Images, Journal of Xiamen University (Arts & Social Sciences), No. 1, 2013.
4. Space and Gender, Jiangsu Social Sciences, No. 4, 2012.
5. On the Relationship between Male Intellectuals and Rural Women, Nankai Journal (Philosophy, Literature and Social Science Edition), No. 4, 2011.
6. Cultural Description of Taiwan's Feminine Novels of the Early 21st Century, Journal of Xiamen University (Arts & Social Sciences), No. 6, 2009.
7. Reflection on Female Discourse and Knowledge Background at the Beginning of the New Period, Journal of Capital Normal University (Social Sciences Edition), No. 5, 2009.
8. Alien Modernity: Statements of the Relevance of Time, Space and Gender, Academic Monthly, No. 3, 2009.
9. The Sexual Metaphor of the National Identity in Chinese Literature during a Century, Nankai Journal (Philosophy, Literature and Social Science Edition), No. 6, 2008.
10. Modernity and Rural Women, the Yangtze River Criticism, No. 5, 2007.
11. "Nora" in the Context of the May Fourth Movement, Journal of University of Jinan (Social Science Edition), No. 3, 2007.
12. Sexual Politics in Discourse about Daily Life in 20th Century Chinese Literature, Academic Monthly, No. 1, 2007.
13. Masculine Discourse at the Beginning of the New Period, Literature & Art Studies, No. 5, 2006.
14. Imagination in the Modern Nation-State and Symbolization of Gender, Journal of Nanjing University (Philosophy, Humanities and Social Sciences), No. 1, 2006.
15. The Power Culture Meaning of the Narrative Pattern of Love and Reclamation, Journal of Xiamen University, No. 6, 2005.

Scientific research projects:
National Social Science Fund project; Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences project; Social Science Fund Project in Fujian Province; China Postdoctoral Science Foundation project


1. Doctoral thesis "Gender Representation and Modern Identity" won the first prize  for the first "Women and Gender Studies Doctoral Thesis" Awards, hosted by the All-China Women's Federation/Women's Studies Institute of China, December, 2006.
2. Monograph "Gender Representation and Modern Identity" won the third China Women's Literature Award (2009), the first prize for the seventh Social Science Award in Xiamen City (2008).
3. Thesis "Embarrassment of Cultural Gender Differences and Their Causes in the Nineties", won the third prize of the third China Federation of Literary and Art Critics Awards, 2003.