Huang Lin
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Huang Lin, whose real name is Liu Liqun, is a PhD candidate at the University of Macau. She advocates "smiling feminism".

Posts and professional affiliations:
Associate professor, masters' tutor, School of Literature, Capital Normal University;
Visiting research fellow, Center for Women's Sports Research, Peking University;
Art critic, Hong Kong China International Cultural and Art Exhibition Center;
Chinese Women/Gender Studies Development Network Trustee; 
Member of China Writers Association

Main publications:
Collections of poems:
Conversations with Third Parties-Huang Lin's Selected Poems, Shanxi People's Publishing House, 2009.

Collections of essays:
1. Written in Air, Hebei Education Press, 2002.
2. Natural Feminism, Jiuzhou Press, 2012.
3. The Beauty of Macau, Jiuzhou Press, 2012.

Academic papers:
1. Trendy Women's Literature Guide, Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House, 1995.
2. Dialogue between Men and Women-Chinese Women and Literature in the 20th Century, (Collaboration with Wang Guangming), China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing House, 2001.
3. Unveiling Your Face: A Converging Dialogue between Feminism and Philosophy, (Collaboration with Zhai Zhenming), Peking University Press, 2008.
4. Courage of the Flowers-Feminist Criticism of Contemporary Chinese Literature and Culture, Jiuzhou Press, 2004.
5. Charm of Art-Huang Lin's Art Criticism, Jiuzhou Press, 2012.
6. Reconstructing the Values of Daily Life: Contemporary Trends in Chinese Feminist Literature, Peking University Press, 2013.

Main editor of academic journals:
1. Feminism in China, Guangxi Normal University Press.
2. Chinese Feminism in the Mainland and Taiwan, Jiuzhou Press.
3. Feminist Studies series, selected volumes by New Generation, Jiuzhou Press.

Outstanding Talent Program in Beijing, National Social Science Fund Project, United States Ford Foundation project

Excellent Teaching Achievement Award; First Prize, Second Session of Chinese Women's Literature Award;
The Eighth Session of Contemporary Chinese Literature Studies Award for Outstanding Achievements;
National Award for Outstanding Women's Books;
National Social Science Fund Projects Award for Excellent Achievements

Main theses:
1. The Propagation and Impact of Western Feminist Theories in China, Journal of Hainan Normal University (Social Sciences), No. 2, 2007.
2. Women's Consciousness and Limitations-Images of Intellectual Women in Zhang Jie's Novels, Journal of Fujian Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), No. 2, 1995.
3. Wang Anyi's Novels: History of Individual Growth and Undertaker to Loneliness, Journal of TV University (Philosophy & Social Sciences), No. 2, 2003.
4. Inside and Outside Interpretations of the Text — Discussions on Zhang Jie and Her "No Words", Journal of Chinese Language and Culture School, Nanjing Normal University, No. 4, 2004.
5. Self-Reconstruction and History: Contribution to Poetics by Chinese Feminist Writing since 1995: Comments on Zhang Jie's "Wordless", Wang Anyi's "Song of Hatred", and Lin Bai's "Women Chatting", Literature & Art Studies, No. 5, 2006.
6. The Evolution of Trends of Thought in Contemporary Chinese Women's Literature, Contemporary China History Studies, No. 2, 2005.
7. Gender, Nostalgia and Masculine Beauty of Luo Fu's Poetry, Taiwan Hong Kong and Overseas Chinese Literature, No. 2, 2011.
8. On Foucault's Discourse Theory's Reflection on and Criticism of the Capitalistic Patriarchal Civilization System, Journal of Hainan Normal University (Social Sciences), No. 6, 2002.
9. Reflections on the Criticism of Women's Literature, Collection of Women's Studies, No. 2, 2002.
10. Reading, Life and Feminism, China Book Review, No. 6, 2006.