70% of College Students Sexually Harassed
Uploaded Time: 2017-04-14

Nearly 70 percent of college students in China have suffered from sexual harassment, and only less than 4 percent of the incidents were reported to college authorities or police, a report by a research institute said.

Close to 90 percent of 6,592 respondents from 34 provinces expressed the need for sexual assault prevention education as two-thirds of them had been sexually offended, among which 75 percent were female and 35.3 percent male, according to a report released by the Guangzhou Gender and Sexuality Education Center on Wednesday.

Over half of the offenses were carried out by schoolmates and 1 percent by teachers or officials, the report said, adding that the percentage and frequency of sexual assaults against the LGBT students were higher than that against the heterosexual students.

"The victims are usually in a passive position because the sexual assault ultimately is a result of power control. Some students chose not to report for fear that it would affect their graduation," Guo Jianmei, co-founder and director of the Women's Legal Research and Service Center, told the Global Times.