Statement from the Gender Study Network
Uploaded Time: 2012-11-20

The Gender Study Network (abbreviated as GSN) is an international platform for academic exchanges on gender studies and aims to provide a vehicle for exchanging and promoting research achievements for colleges and universities, research institutions, media institutions and individuals interested in women's studies.

This website—the principle platform over which the network operates and is maintained—was launched in May 2011. Up to now, the website has signed cooperative agreements with many experts and research institutions to display related research articles, which are available for you to browse and use. Additionally, there are several extracts of articles on the website; these resources are related to publications of women's research and articles on gender studies. Due to limited authority, we are unable to contact all the authors. If any of the material displayed is found to be inappropriate or offensive, please kindly forgive us. If there are any doubts about copyrights, please contact us.

Any and all experts on gender studies are warmly invited to browse the existing content, register for an account and upload their own research papers. We will contact with you to discuss matters of cooperation as promptly as possible.

Tel: 010-85326020, extension 8023