• NW China City Promotes Top 10 'Most Beautiful Families' CampaignDunhuang Women's Federation in northwest Gansu's Province recently carried out a campaign honoring its Top 10 Most Beautiful Families to promote the construction of civilized households and social values.
  • N China Province Details Latest Scheme for Women, Children's DevelopmentThe government in north China's Shanxi Province recently published plans to boost women's and children's development in the next five years, specifying details about education, public services, healthcare, employment and other aspects.
  • Taking Steps to Help Domestic Violence VictimsCity courts have issued 45 restraining orders to victims suffering domestic violence since the country's first law concerning this matter took effect in March last year, according to Shanghai High People's Court.
  • Boost for 'Women Economy'The American Chamber of Commerce in China said it advocated a better framework for developing a gender-responsive policy and that corporate practices be put in place, in a bid to support effectively women's leadership and entrepreneurship going forward.
  • S China Women's Federations Take Steps to Promote Gender EqualityWomen's federations at every level in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have taken many steps in recent years to promote and publicize gender equality.
  • Are Chinese Women More Independent Now?Gone are the days when women had to rely on marrying a successful man for security. Nowadays, many women realize it is more important to depend on themselves. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of the female participants think the biggest advantage for modern women is being talented and versatile, have a strong ability to work and have a good income, and have a beautiful body shape.
  • Interpretation of Women's Rights in a Model LawsuitYunnan Women's Voice officially launched coverage on March 30 to help the public learn more about the top 10 model lawsuits in relation to the protection of women and children's legal rights and interests, raise their legal awareness and make a full utilization of laws and regulations to safeguard their rights amid disputes with others in daily life.
  • Women Entrepreneurs Association Hosts Latest Meeting in S ChinaThe provincial women entrepreneurs association of south China's Guangdong Province held their latest general meeting in the capital Guangzhou on April 1.
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